Analog Repeater Controller Class



Rocky Mountain Ham Radio sponsored comprehensive courses in the basics of analog repeater controllers to 21 hams from Colorado. The class was presented on February 22, 2014 by Mr. Dave Maciorowski, WA1JHK, who is a repeater controller expert from SCOM in Loveland, CO. Mr. Maciorowski has been designing, building, maintaining and writing software for repeater controllers since the 1970′s.

The syllabus for the class included:

Analog Repeater Controllers 101
General Overview
- Audio Ports
- Signalling Ports
- Logic Inputs
- Logic Outputs

Analog Repeater Controllers 102
Hardware Interface
- Interfacing to audio interfaces (TX, RX, decode CTCSS, encode CTCSS)
- Interfacing to signalling interfaces (COS, PTT)
- Interfacing to logic inputs and outputs

Analog Repeater Controllers 103
Software functions
- Basic programming (callsign, passwords, timers, access mode, etc …)
- Advanced programming (macros, triggers, A/D converters, etc …)

Analog Repeater Control Applications 201
Adding links; radio or digital audio interfaces
- Interfacing link equipment to a controller
- Special considerations (filtering CTCSS, passing IDs, multiple hang tails, etc …)
- Macros to support remote enable and disable of links.

See photos of the class here.

Don’t forget that we offer Rocky Mountain Ham University on a regular basis and you’re welcome to attend.  See the menu above.

RMHAM Test Bench


2014-02-23 15.40.29Did you ever wonder how we make all of the network hardware work? Well, we build a test bench with whatever hardware is required to duplicate the network and load them up exactly the way they would be in the field.  We use the same networking gear and configurations so that we can prove out all permutations and make the equipment work exactly the way it should in the field.

Some of the field locations are 12 hours round trip without any time on site, so having a good, solid plan with working equipment is critical.  The picture above is Mike Mullarkey, K7PFJ with our test bench for deployment of new repeaters, routers and fiber connections for Lee Hill and Almagre Mountain.


RMHR Receives Award from Boulder County ARES!


1622132_10200892388226746_296146765_nRocky Mountain Ham Radio received an award last evening from Boulder County ARES for the response and equipment provided in support of the Boulder floods. Jeff Ryan was in attendance and said “I was honored to accept on behalf of this fine organization.”


“The Hamfest” This Weekend!


Sunday, February 9, 2014.  Aurora Repeater Association, Cherry Creek Young Amateur Radio Club and Rocky Mountain Ham Radio held their annual hamfest at Adams County Fairgrounds.  The turnout was spectacular on a gloomy, yet cold morning.  We beat our attendance figures by nearly 25% over last year.  There were many visitors in attendance, from League dignitary Brian Mileshosky from Albuquerque, NM and many other folks from around the state that braved the early morning road conditions and fog to make it to the event.  A special thanks goes out to all ARA, CCYARC and RMHAM folks that made this event a simple and memorable event!

Looking forward to seeing you all next year.

Analog Repeater Basics


Rocky Mountain Ham University hosted a class on Analog Repeater Basics on January 11, 2014. Mr. Doug Sharp, K2AD, from Rocky Mountain Ham Radio gave an excellent presentation to 25 enthusiastic attendees. During the 4-hour class, Doug explained in some detail the fundamentals of analog repeaters, hardware for analog repeaters, and the systems incorporated into analog repeaters.

Doug also took the opportunity to explain the fundamentals of Rocky Mountain Ham Radio to the class. A number of attendees had little understanding about the tremendous service that RMHR provides to the ham-radio community, to the public, and to ARES. Doug therefore briefly explained this purpose of RMHR, and the new technology and sophisticated systems provided and maintained by RMHR. There was also emphasis on the fun that RMHR members have while serving. Doug welcomed all to explore becoming a member of RMHR (no dues required), or of its affiliated ham-radio groups so that the services can grow and continue.

Following the class, many of the attendees gathered for a Mexican-food lunch to do what hams do best: chat and enjoy other hams! See photos of the class here.

Rocky Mountain Ham University


DSC_0033 On December 7, 2013, Rocky Mountain Ham Radio had a successful training on Digital Mobile Radio and Codeplug programming for Motorola and Vertex Standard E-Verge Radios.  We had 20 attendees and a full room of eager to learn people.  The morning started with a quick presentation on the Rocky Mountain Ham Radio MotoTRBO network along the Front Range of Colorado.  From there, it went to programming Motorola DMR radios and then into Vertex Standard radios. See photos here.

We are starting an ongoing curriculum on special amateur radio related topics and will be offering these sessions to anyone expressing an interest in the particular topic.  For more information, please click Our Club Offerings above and select Rocky Mountain Ham University.

We look forward to seeing you at a future session!


New DMR Portable Radio Available for Ham and Commercial Use


CS700_WEBConnect Systems, Inc is importing these new radios for sale. Next year they will be introducing a mobile radio.  Here is a link to their page.    You can call and ask for Jerry Wanger (805) 642-7184 x 0 for more information and please tell him your affiliated with Rocky Mountain Ham Radio.

These portable radios are being sold at $180 per radio. Your first radio will include a free programming cable and the programming software is free for download. The mobile radio will be (available next year) $280.

These radios will also do 25khz / 12.5khz and DMR TRBO for the RMHAM system.

The Tech Group will be testing these new units on the system the week of the 23rd to check performance and audio. Any and all audio check will be greatly accepted. 01-01-2014 Update, The tech group has been putting this unit through the paces and has come up swinging every time. We will be testing it on an DMR test set this next week. We will post a ref printout of the specs we find.


New CS-701 VHF Portable is being tested on the network and is proving to be a very viable portable radio. The programming is

the same as the CS700 UHF portable and specs seem to be in line with the UHF model. I will be posting a comparison of the

selected VHF   portables that are available like the Motorola and Vertex models.

The Swapfest Announced!


ARA, CCYARC and RMHAM have announced the 2014 Swapfest!  The flier is available here.   We really hope to see you out there to support the clubs!  We love working with the ARA and CCYARC as they’re great supporting club partners and do quite a bit for the local amateur radio community.  Make sure that you stop by to see the great vendors, prizes and static displays!