RM Ham University & CSVHFS offers VHF102


CSVHF-Color-400VHF 102 – What comes after FM!

July 26, 2015 at 8:30 AM

Denver Marriott Westminster
7000 Church Ranch Boulevard
Westminster, Colorado

This excellent one day learning opportunity will feature some of the country’s top Weak Signal enthusiasts with detailed presentations on setting up and getting the most out of weak signal operating on the VHF+ Bands Program Admission is $32.00 and includes all Technical Sessions and a Buffet lunch

To see the course syllabus and register go to VHF102 Registration

(Registration Closes July 23rd – Due to the luncheon there will be no walk-ins)

CSVHF Conference Early Bird Deadline Nears!


Just a reminder, the Central States VHF Society Annual Conference for 2015 is being held in the Denver Colorado Metro area between Thursday July 23rd and Sunday July 26th. Our local sponsor this year is Rocky Mountain Ham Radio. Our convention site is the Denver Marriott Westminster; the venue is available for booking at our special conference rate of $109 per night. Please plan on booking your vacation around the conference as the special room rate is available from Monday July 20th through Wednesday July 29th. The deadline for booking the hotel at our special rate is June 24, 2015, so be sure to make your hotel reservations now!

Early Bird Registration fee is $45.00. (Will go up to $65 on June 22)

The Complete Conference schedule is posted HERE

Thursday Night Tailgate Party featuring hog roast, pulled pork sandwich with barbecue sauce, corn on the cob and homemade pickles.

Friday Lunch Taco Buffet Tortillas, ground beef, Spanish rice and beans, lettuce and tomatoes, sour cream, tortilla chips and salsa.

Saturday Lunch Pasta Buffet with penne pasta, Caesar salad and Tiramisu

Saturday Banquet all meals come with mixed green salad, New York cheesecake with raspberry sauce or flourless torte with espresso cream.

Sunday Newcomers event VHF102 “The next step for the beginner.” A chance to learn about the world of VHF Weak Signal and Contesting from the best VHFers in the world. A great learning opportunity! Includes lunch buffet. As a full convention registrant, the only cost is the cost of your lunch!


The conference will feature the traditional activities, Banquet, Luncheons and hospitality suites, technical programs, noise figure measurement, antenna range, Rover vehicle show and tell. Our Saturday evening banquet speaker is Rick Roderick K5UR First Vice President of ARRL and an avid VHFer. If you plan on attending the banquet you will need to Register in Advance! There will be no banquet seating available if you register at the conference. We have a wide variety of activities available along the Front Range of Colorado and will be offering a choice of side trips designed to entertain the entire family. Operating opportunities under consideration include operating from the Rocky Mountain Ham Radio remote base station in Pueblo, microwave operating from local mountain tops and the chance to score a microwave VUCC in a weekend! Just bring your own equipment! We will have introductory programs geared to newcomers to weak signal operation on the VHF+ bands that will be promoted locally and designed to encourage younger hams to get involved in DX’ing and contesting.

Conference registration, as well as a link to the conference venue for bookings, is now available HERE Please visit the site if you need any other additional information

73 Doug K2AD President, Jeff K0RM Vice President and Facility Chairman, John W0VG Vice President and Program Chairman & Wayne N0POH Treasurer

Did you ever wonder?


ALMAIf you ever wondered what it looked like at our mountain tops, you’ll love this pic. We build for the worst possible winter days. This was springtime in the Rockies at its best!

We use heavy materials, commercial quality antennas and good care when installing.  Things still get damaged, but it’s a chance to try to outfox mother nature!


RMHAM is an ARRL Affiliated Club

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  • 07/11/2015 8:00 amPPRAA Mega Fest
  • 07/11/2015 10:00 amHamCon Committee Meeting
  • 07/18/2015 7:00 pmRMHAM TRBO TECH NET
AEC v1.0.4
Rocky Mountain Ham Radio is an IRS 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization. Your donations are fully tax deductible. We continue to expand and operate with your generous donations. To read more on supporting Rocky Mountain Ham Radio Click Here

RMHAM-U Standing Room Only!


FullSizeRenderRocky Mountain Ham’s Mike Lozano and Jeff Ryan put on a successful MotoTRBO systems class today for basic MotoTRBO systems and the RMHAM network.  We had 53 attendees learning the intricacies and the ins-and-outs of the network and how to properly program and use your DMR capable handhelds.

Don’t forget to get your seat at the  scheduled Rocky Mountain Ham Radio University classes!  Please make sure that you are on the list!  We’ll see you there.



The Swapfest a successful and fun event!


The Swapfest sponsored by the Aurora Repeater Association, Cherry Creek Young Amateur Radio Club and Rocky Mountain Ham Radio was held February 8th with over 500 people in attendance. There were over 60 vendors in attendance and all the vendor tables were sold out by the opening time of 9AM. The weather was very good and allowed hams from as far as Wyoming, Nebraska and South Dakota to attend without fear of poor driving conditions. The sponsoring clubs want to thanks all their members for their hard work and we also wish to thank the vendors and all those who attended for their support!
The 2016 Swapfest will be on Superbowl Sunday February 7, 2016 and the hall deposit has been rolled over and we’re on their calendar. For those who weren’t around for the last Superbowl swapfest, it was well attended and everyone who came to the Swapfest that year made it home in plenty of time for the game.

New Mexico TechFest


RMHAM_logo_smallDespite 6-12 inches of unexpected snow and ice around Albuquerque and much of the Land of Enchantment the night before, the 2015 New Mexico TechFest, an ARRL-sanctioned operating specialty event hosted by Rocky Mountain Ham Radio – New Mexico, was a huge success.  60 hams from across New Mexico gathered on Saturday, February 28 for this inaugural (and annual, henceforth) technically-focused conference designed to facilitate education, demonstrations, and collaboration about relevant and emerging technical topics, techniques, and applications within amateur radio. Presentation topics included extreme low power HF communications via QRSS, circuit construction techniques, solar weather and propagation, ESD causes and mitigation techniques, simple but effective VHF gain antenna design, and software defined radio.  For more information, visit the New Mexico TechFest event page.

KE0CRD, Colton Ragsdale


20150103-0941-IMG_20150103_094125ke0crdSaturday, RMHAM tested one of it’s member’s, Zeke Ragsdale’s son.  Colton Ragsdale, 5 years old, passed the test missing only three questions!  He had the test read to him by RMHAM Members, Dean Mertz, K0MKT, Ken Zylla, KD0MGQ and George Bartling, WA9TCD.  Congratulations, Colton!

RM Ham and ARA extend the Co-op


In an expansion of the cooperative agreement between the Rocky Mountain Ham Radio and the Aurora Repeater Association, the 447.500 repeater, which lost it’s Conifer Mountain site back in August, is now located at Critchell, in place of the 447.225 analog pair. At 8,400 feet it is not quite as high as the old Conifer Mountain site but it does enjoy coverage of the southern portion of the metro area. The repeater was placed on Critchell Monday December 29 by Steve KØIBM and Scott NØOWY. There was a flurry of activity as people who had been regular users of the 447.500 machine found it lighting up their rigs in the scan mode. As we go forward, we’ll learn more about the coverage that the machine will enjoy using the ARA’s configuration. Rocky Mountain Ham Radio has relinquished their 447.225 pair back to the Colorado Council of Amateur Radio Club’s frequency pool at this time and is preparing to re-purpose the equipment that was at the site. The parameters of the 447.500 (-) repeater remain the same with a 88.5 Hz CTCSS tone.