Rocky Mountain Ham Radio is in the process of migrating it’s two DMR-MARC repeater systems to the Brandmeister network.  This will give us a lot of new functionality in the front range of Denver and Colorado Springs.  These talkgroups are NOT carried on the regular Rocky Mountain Wide network.

All repeaters are currently offline.  They will return to service in the next few months.

Coverage Area Site Name Sponsor Repeater RX Repeater TX Color Code Repeater Status Link Status Comment
Denver/Boulder DMR-MARC Lee Hill RMHAM 440.0500MHz 445.0500MHz 1 Online-Degraded Offline Wide area coverage serving Longmont-Boulder-Denver Areas. System degraded due to antenna issues.  Expect restoration this spring.  It will be migrated to Brandmeister and no longer service DMR-MARC.
Colorado Springs DMR-MARC TBD RMHAM 440.0625MHz 445.0625MHz 1 Offline Offline Offline until further notice. This repeater will be back on-line this spring.  The site has been secured and we will be migrating this DMR-MARC repeater to Brandmeister.

Rocky Mountain Ham Radio’s DMR MARC Repeaters:


Please see this web page for programming your radio. You can also send an e-mail to request additional information or help.
Estimated coverage of the Lee Hill and Cheyenne Mountain DMR-MARC repeaters.

RMHAM_TRBO_LeeHill_DMR-MARC_04Feb2014 RMHAM_TRBO_CheyenneMt_DMR-MARC_04Feb15