RMHAM University 2017-2018

Rocky Mountain Ham University dates have been picked and the facility secured.
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Date Presenter Subject Description
Saturday 11/18/2017 Ron N0IVN and Tom W0IVJ Getting a Handle on RF Noise and Interference Radio frequency interference (RFI) has affected amateur radio for as long as the hobby has existed. From a ham radio perspective, RFI can involve interference to amateur radio communications, or interference from amateur radio communications. Join ARRL EMC Committee member Ron Hranac, N0IVN, and Tom Thompson, W0IVJ, for an introduction to radio frequency interference, what it is and what causes it, how to prevent RFI from your station, and how to find and fix RFI to your station.
Saturday 12/16/2017 Chris AE5IT Every Antenna is a Multiband Antenna When I was your age we had high SWR both ways in the snow, and we LIKED it! High SWR doesn't have to mean signal loss, and you can do more with a simple wire dipole than you think. Explore feedlines, reflections, impedance matching, and learn the simple truth about feedline loss.
Saturday 1/27/2018 David K0PWO Designing, Building and Deploying your PodCom Determine the mission for your PodCom. Design ideas, pointers on suitable cabinet, Equipment selection, Wiring methods, as well as Power supply selections. This training session will assist you in designing a successful PodCom which will make you more efficient and professional in your next deployment!
Sunday 2/18/2018 Coordinator Chris AE5IT Home Brew and Kit-building Expo In conjunction with the The Swapfest at the Adams County Fairgrounds, we are inviting vendors and individuals to display their home brew or kit built items. There will be a series of presentations that describe specific kits and home brew projects.  (No Breakfast beforehand. Doors open at 9AM)
Saturday 3/17/2018 Willem AC0KQ RF Applications for the Raspberry Pi The class covers using a Raspberry Pi as a receiver, transmitter, spectrum scope, ADSB decoder and similar projects using inexpensive components.
Saturday 4/21/2018 John W0VG Locating Interference Techniques for locating the source of malicious and unintentional interference, including direction finding and related techniques.

Except for February 18, 2018 our classes will be held at:

Cherry Creek Public Schools
ESC Building 1st Floor Conf Room
4700 S Yosemite Street
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Classes are generally scheduled from 8AM to 12PM

We usually get breakfast before the event and will adjourn our meeting and head out to lunch at a local restaurant afterwards.

Note that the Home Brew and Kit-building Expo is on a Sunday morning to coincide with the ARA Swapfest, while the other RMHAM-U classes are on Saturday morning.

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