2012 VHF Contest near Limon, CO

06/11/2012 | Filed under: Uncategorized

Rocky Mountain Ham Radio Inc hosted its annual meeting at it’s usual site for the annual VHF contest this year. It was a most successful event! After winning 4th in the nation last year, RMHam put forth maximum effort to score the most possible points again this year, with obvious hopes of again placing in the top ten of all the contestants. The contesting part of the event centered on the Comm Trailer, as it always does, but this year more antennas and state-of-the-art equipment was put into play. Preparation, planning and on-site work was abundant, but also (and most importantly) FUN!

Along with the impressive efforts of all involved, the meeting itself was also very productive. Numerous topics were discussed by corporate officers for the benefit of all the participants. Plans and organization were presented and coordinated.

However, the best part of the event, as usual, is the wonderful camaradarie of all the participants and thesharing of an adequate amount of excellent food and beverages. There were 3 RV’s on site this year and a pickup in which Scott Burkhardt lived (as he always does). 3 couples stayed in town, but missed very little of the action (or the food!)  The gallery has pictures of the event, which tell the story of the great time had by all. Check out the gallery here