AT-D868UV Questions and Silver Lining

By  | 12/13/2017 | Filed under: Uncategorized

AT-D868UV in VHF digital simplexAT-D868UV in UHF digital simplex
These are VHF and UHF (respectively) captures from the AT-D868UV dual band DMR handheld.

This indicates timeslot violations during the first ~100ms of a DMR transmission, which quickly settles down to normal behavior. Other than this timeslot violation the RF is clean, looking about as good as offerings from Connect Systems and Tytera.

These tests were performed on hardware revision v1.1 and firmware v2.18.

Another item of note, during the tests the radio glitched into an incorrect talkgroup. The owner of the radio had seen this before and says he is only able to restore normal functioning by re-flashing the radio. We have spoken to other owners of this model who do not report this issue. It remains to be seen what this indicates.

The good news  — and it is very good news — AnyTone has been very responsive in discussing these results. They have advised us that the behavior we’ve noted is due to an issue in the firmware.  They plan on issuing an update.   When they do, we’ll test again.

We cannot recommend this radio at this time but watch this space for an update.