Rocky Mountain Ham Radio currently has two of our repeater systems on the Brandmeister network.  This will give us a lot of new functionality in the front range of Denver and Colorado Springs.  These talkgroups are NOT carried on the regular Rocky Mountain Wide network.  You cannot connect to Brandmeister from the regular RMHAM Wide network and you will be frustrated if you try!

We are currently testing inbound connectivity to the Central Network (TG 720 ONLY) from Brandmeister.  You can point your hotspot or BM connection to talkgroup 310801 and you will come out on the Central Talkgroup!  More to come.

RMHam does not maintain data on Brandmeister Talk Groups; they are numerous (in the thousands) and changing daily. These are maintained on the Brandmeister site.  please see the link:

Coverage Area Site Name Sponsor Repeater RX Repeater TX Color Code Repeater Status Link Status Comment
Denver/Boulder Brandmeister Lee Hill RMHAM 440.0500MHz 445.0500MHz 1 Online Online Wide area coverage serving Longmont-Boulder-Denver
Colorado Spgs Brandmeister Chey Mtn COLCON 440.0625MHz 445.0625MHz 1 Online Online Wide area coverage serving Colorado Springs/Pueblo Last Heard

Rocky Mountain Ham Radio’s Brandmeister Repeater Coverage:

Please see this web page for programming your radio.
Estimated coverage of the Lee Hill and Cheyenne Mountain Brandmeister repeaters.

Lee Hill/Boulder Coverage


Cheyenne Mountain/Colorado Springs Coverage

Colorado Springs Configuration Repeater Configuration

Because the Colorado Springs system is our Brandmeister configuration test bed, it’s been designed for experimentation, it has a different configuration than the normal Brandmeister Push-To-Talk setup.  It’s being managed as to it’s configuration by Jay, N0PKT.  Requested configuration changes can be addressed to him.  The most current TG mapping can be found on the Brandmeister Status Page. You can also click here for a realtime “Last Heard” view of Brandmeister activity on this repeater.  The Last Heard link will cover the dynamic and OpenBridge links that are currently being tested.

Timeslot 1:
  • TG310815 Static Local Talkgroup (this is transcoded <-> the Fun Machine analog repeaters and is sent out to BM)

Timeslot 2: 

  • TG3108 Static (BM Colorado TG)
  • TG3100 PTT (BM USA Nation Wide)
  • TG310 PTT (BM TAC 310)
    • Automatically links for net activation Saturday 1800 – 2100 Mountain
    • Automatically links for net activation Sunday 2200 – 0100 Mountain
  • TG311 PTT (BM TAC 311)
    • Automatically links for net activation Wednesday 1900 – 2100 Mountain