Dirty 30 Trail Race Upcoming

04/07/2019 | Filed under: Uncategorized

Hi All,

The RMHAM and AuxComm technical team is going to provide communications for the 2019 Dirty 30 50k trail race in Golden Gate Canyon State Park.  We have plenty of volunteers this year and are looking toward a great technical challenge and event.

If we don’t bring the communications, we we can’t communicate.  As you may or may not know, the park has very little commercial communications methods and no cellular telephone service.  This makes the communications mission for amateur radio even more needed.

In order to track over 750 runners on the 50 kilometer course, we employ many hops of microwave built especially for this event.  Our operators oversee and maintain the network for the event and provide emergency backup in case of a failure.

This year, we are adding additional microwave paths within the park and video cameras from each of the aid stations which are recorded on a digital recorder in the communications trailer at the start finish.

This event will have nearly 40 amateur radio operators on site to assist the race team to provide a seamless event.  We hope that we can have you join the team next year!  It a very fulfilling experience.

John, W0VG and Willem, AC0KQ