DMR ID Legality/GPS

Several people have expressed significant interest in using the autonomous GPS and data functions of the DMR system.  These functions are unfortunately not legal because the DMR radio does not transmit your FCC required callsign per FCC rule.

People have said that because the ID is in a publicly accessible database that it is legal.  This is not so.  The FCC requirement is that you MUST identify your station with your FCC issued callsign at least as often as every 10 minutes.  The FCC is very clear on this fact in Section 97.119.  A number is not a substitute for a legal identification.

We would love to have the ability to use these functions, but since they cannot currently be legal, we must refrain from using these functions.  All autonomous functions should not be done on the RMHAM network at any time.

If the protocol is changed to support IDing with a callsign we will revisit this policy.

Rocky Mountain Ham Radio