Q: What can I connect to on your DMR network?
A: Rocky Mountain Ham Radio’s DMR Network is purpose built to create a reliable emergency communications network throughout the RMHAM region.  You will be able to chat with folks around Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico on an RMHAM repeater.  It currently does not allow connections in or out of the network to any other system.

Q:  Do you have a reflector that we can use to connect to your network?
A:  RMHAM does not currently host a reflector or provide connections to any reflectors for it’s Rocky Mountain Wide, Northern, Central, Southern or Eastern networks.

Q: Will you support any reflectors or Brandmeister talkgroups on any of your resources?
A: RMHAM will support these talkgroups on our Lee Hill and Cheyenne Mountain repeaters only.  No connections will be made to our main networks as they are dedicated talk paths that need to be “up all the time” to suit our mission.

Q: Is your network open?
A: Our network is open to all amateur radio users on DMR radios.  Our microwave network has no uses except interconnecting radio sites throughout the state.  If you wish to connect your radio sites, contact the RMHAM board to begin discussions about these connections.  RMHAM is NOT an internet service provider.

Q: Do you allow Private Calling on your network?
A: Private Calling is not a “good neighbor” method of communicating as it ties up the repeater resource and provides a deny tone to anyone else trying to use it.  We do not allow private calling on our networks.

Q: Do you allow texting or file transfers on your network?
A: Texting and file transfers take up significant network resources.  While texts are short, they do take transmission time on the system and will block voice users.  We also do not propagate any data mode (text or files) on our network.  There are special cases allowed, but you will have to contact RMHAM to obtain permission and engineer the solution.  There have also been some issues with texting from certain Chinese radios sending to all system users.  We recommend testing your texts on simplex channels and refrain from using the RM network for testing.

Q: Will any DMR radio work on your network?
A: Please see our DMR HARDWARE LISTING in the menu above for specific information about models and issues.  Not all DMR radios are created equal. Not all available DMR radios are listed on our hardware listing.  If you don’t see your radio listed, it’s likely not one of the popular/known working devices.

Q: I want to test a new radio feature.  Can I use the RMHAM network?
A: We suggest testing your features on simplex channels and figure out all of the quirks before sending any of your traffic on the link system.  Your use of the link network can activate from 8 to 30 repeaters and carry your traffic into 3 states.

Q: Can we use the Rocky Mountain Wide talkgroup to chat?
A: While the RM Wide talkgroup should be considered a “calling channel” for across town communications, we consider that long-distance communication perfectly acceptable.  If you are within coverage of a lesser talkgroup, please make your call and move off to the smaller footprint talkgroup or a local DMR talkgroup.  Please remember that other people may want to use the resource, so ensure you give plenty of opportunity for other channel users to break in.