Field Day 2012 – In a word? HOT!

06/24/2012 | Filed under: Trailer, Uncategorized

Rocky Mountain Ham Radio teaming up with the Arapahoe ARES District 22, Aurora Repeater Association and Cherry Creek Young Amateur Radio Club held Field Day.  This year had more than a dozen youngsters under the age of 18 enjoying Amateur Radio and operating our GOTA (Get On The Air!) station using the Cherry Creek Young Amateur Radio Club call sign WØCCY. Attendance was comparable to last year with over 75 names on the sign in sheet, however the fact that the high temperature for the day Saturday was well over 100° it was a very good turnout. Our venue near the corner of S. Riviera Way and S Picadilly Street in Centennial had great visibility and the event was promoted through the Cherry Creek Schools as well. There are plenty of pictures in the Gallery!

Through the group’s efforts Governor John Hickenlooper signed a proclamation proclaiming  June 18th through 24th Amateur Radio Week and City of Aurora Mayor Stephen Hogan signed a proclamation proclaiming  June 23rd Amateur Radio Emergency Service Day

We operated as a 2 transmitter (Class 2A) club station using generator power.  In addition we set up a “free” VHF station that operated on 6 meters and the Cherry Creek Young Amateur Radio Club’s satellite trailer was also in operation.  Our power multiplier was “times 2”, as all contacts were made with less than 150 watts of power.  The Rocky Mountain Ham Radio Communications Trailer, the new “tower” trailer where we were able to mount a three element triband beam and the 6 meter vertical were delivered and  set up began Saturday morning at around 8 AM.  The other new asset was our Whisperwatt 25 kW diesel generator. True to its name it was Whisper quiet and ran for almost 27 hours continuously on 14 gallons of fuel!  Operating positions were set up and the antennas were erected by members of all four sponsoring  organizations .  We operated throughout  most of the period with some operators going over night.  Visitors from the general public came through Saturday afternoon and early evening, as well as Sunday morning.  The exciting part was the visitors! We had plenty of young people that operated the GOTA station and the younger members of the Cherry Creek Young Amateur Radio Club did a fine job in getting them on the air.

Another highlight of this year’s field day was the addition of displays of portable and mobile equipment by members of Arapahoe ARES District 22.  Dubbed “porcupine row” for the many vertical antennas, it was a crowd pleaser. We were also honored to have the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Mobile Communications Command Truck available for public tours, as well as fire apparatus form the Cunningham Fire Department. Some twenty or more club members availed themselves of the pot luck.  There was organically raised barbequed pork and beef  for sandwiches and lots of delicious sides provided by the members.

The downside of the event was the oppressive heat and the continual updates from around the state on the wildfires springing up everywhere.  Sunday morning Arapahoe ARES District 22 ran its net from the trailer and it was decided that we needed to shut down early before the scorching heat that plagued us on Saturday struck again. Members of all groups were on hand as we began winding down.  Everything was taken down the Communications trailer was cleaned and vacuumed and we vacated the premises by Noon .

Special thanks to all of the RMHAM Members that delivered and deployed equipment for the event, as it was a huge success.