Huge Clean Up!

10/15/2011 | Filed under: Uncategorized

Over 25 RM Ham members rallied on 10-15-2011 at the club storage lot to clean it up. Everyone, young and old, worked hard, ate great Bar-B-Q, enjoyed the fantastic weather, and (most of all) had fun! RM Ham’s executive staff worked hard to plan and prepare for this big project, but the members were, as usual, the key to ultimate success.

The storage lot has accommodated several groups for many years. Now that RM Ham has control over it, a lot of “stuff” had to go. We filled two large (40 yard) roll-off dumpsters! There’s still more junk. However, the trash pile is significantly reduced, making room for the projects planned in the future, and allowing for much easier management of the space.

The CleanUp Day album in the Gallery shows the action. Many thanks go to all of those who came out to help.

Special thanks go to Doug Sharp and Nancy Keyser. Thanks to Doug, RM Ham’s Chief Technical Officer, for providing his much-needed tractor and front-loader. The project could not have been completed without it. And sincere gratitude to Nancy for transporting the wonderful lunch. We especially appreciated her joining us for lunch.

RM Ham continues to grow in its dedication to supporting and promoting ham radio and to serving the public. This project demonstrates, yet again, the dedication of its members and its tremendous ability to perform its mission.