June 2011 VHF Contest

06/10/2011 | Filed under: Contests, Trailer

The WØKVA contest team in Eastern Colorado DM89, Limon, set up for the June VHF QSO Party in an attempt to outdo our 2010 score.  We were operating on 6m, 2m, 220, 432, 902, 1296 and 10368. Pictures are here.

The new stacks on 2m and 432 this year was a big help and the dual 6m antennas on separate rotors helped too.

With the 6m band being open nearly all weekend steadily, we were able to rake in some huge points on 6m. 

People that helped this year:  W0KVA Scott, W0KU Scott, K0RM Jeff, N0VBY Mike, K2AD Doug,  AB0SF George, K0IME Mary Ellen, W0VG John, N0OEM Randy, W0GV Gerry, K0PWO David and KN0BOB Bob.  The Score was

Score:   464,499
Band     QSO     PTS      GRID
50         1311      1311       261
144          69         69         19
222          10         20          5
902            3          9           1
1296          4         12           2
10G           8         32           2
Total      1445      1533       303

We more than doubled our 2010 score and without any really significant hurdles, we did well.  All gear performed well!  We’re all a bit tired and happy we attended!