Analog Radio Systems

Rocky Mountain Ham Radio is a member supported organization that is not a typical ham radio club.  Although we operate the Rocky MounScreen Shot 2013-02-23 at 11.21.13 AMtain DMR network From Wyoming, South through Colorado and two sites in New Mexico, as well as several analog repeaters in the Denver Metropolitan Area.  We also work closely  with other local clubs and organizations that need assistance in deploying radio systems such as the Aurora Repeater Association, Cherry Creek Young Amateur Radio Club, Colorado Connection, Colorado Repeater Association, Denver Radio League, the Fun Machine and other clubs that are in need of assistance.  We strive to create quality radio systems and work to further the causes of amateur radio and protect the interests of the amateur radio community by being an active member of the Colorado Council of Amateur Radio Clubs or CCARC.

We are not a traditional ham club per se, we are a group made up of the most skilled and professional radio folks in the front range.  We use those skills to further our projects and lead amateur radio community into new technology and training areas and to further the needs of the amateur radio community.  Watch for news of Rocky Mountain Ham Radio University classes and events as they are announced each fall.

Analog FM Repeaters –   (click on a plot for a larger version)

Site Frequency PL Coverage/Description Callsign
Critchell Mountain 447.500 MHz (-5 MHz offset) 88.5 Hz encode/decode Southern Metro Area Stand alone Repeater operating under the cooperative agreement with the Aurora Repeater Association NØOWY/R
Squaw Mountain 448.225 MHz (-5 MHz offset) 141.3 Hz encode/decode Extreme wide area coverage from Wyoming to the top of Monument NØSZ/R
Thorodin Mountain 449.225 MHz (-5 MHz offset) 141.3 Hz encode/decode Extreme wide area coverage – Wyoming to the top of Monument.  Connected to the Fun Machine linked system NØSZ/R
Chief Mountain 449.625 MHz (-5 MHz offset) 141.3 Hz encode/decode IRLP node 3750 Denver Metro Area Open node.  No codes required W0Ku/R


Screen Shot 2013-02-23 at 10.56.21 AM

Critchell Mtn – 447.500 – 88.5 CTCSS
Southern Metro Area Standalone Repeater NØOWY/R

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 11.27.20 PM

Squaw Mountain – 448.225 – 141.3 CTCSS
Denver Wide Area

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 11.26.43 PM

Thorodin Mountain – 449.225 – 141.3 CTCSS
Denver Wide Area

Chief Mountain UHF 449.625, W0KU/R, IRLP 3750, No Codes Required


Packet Systems & BPQ Nodes

Frequency Coverage BPQ Call RMS Call
144.95 Denver Front Range W0VG-7 W0VG-10
145.05 Denver Front Range K0NTS-7 K0NTS-10

DMR Systems – See the DMR Page for more information