New Trailer Has Been Unveiled!

02/13/2011 | Filed under: Trailer

The Rocky Mountain Ham Radio CommTrailer 2011 was unveiled at the Aurora Repeater Association Swapfest on February 13, 2011.  If you got a chance to see it, you will definitely get the big picture.

The new 8.5Wx27Lx8.5H V-Front Haulmark trailer is a huge step up in size and functionality and really will be a serious tool for the ham radio community when it comes to disaster recovery.  It has a VSAT uplink, Satellite TV, VoIP Phones, 4 complete radio stations with logging  computers, two separate operating rooms with exterior doors as well as HF, 6M, 2M, 70CM, All Modes, 1.2GHz DSTAR, AIR, PACKET, APRS, and many many more options.

We’re debugging quite a few of the systems, but it’s basically done.  The next events for it will be the PPRAA Megafest in Monument at Louis Palmer High School, Saturday July 16, 2011 and Denver Radio League Swapfest on Sunday August 21st, 2011 Jefferson County Fairgrounds.  Come out and visit us and check out the new unit!

If you’d like to see the pictures of the construction, visit the Gallery above or click here.