Field Day 2012 – In a word? HOT!


Rocky Mountain Ham Radio teaming up with the Arapahoe ARES District 22, Aurora Repeater Association and Cherry Creek Young Amateur Radio Club held Field Day.  This year had more than a dozen youngsters under the age of 18 enjoying Amateur Radio and operating our GOTA (Get On The Air!) station using the Cherry Creek Young Amateur Radio Club call sign WØCCY. Attendance was comparable to last year with over 75 names on the sign in sheet, however the fact that the high temperature for the day Saturday was well over 100° it was a very good turnout. Our venue near the corner of S. Riviera Way and S Picadilly Street in Centennial had great visibility and the event was promoted through the Cherry Creek Schools as well. There are plenty of pictures in the Gallery!

Through the group’s efforts Governor John Hickenlooper signed a proclamation proclaiming  June 18th through 24th Amateur Radio Week and City of Aurora Mayor Stephen Hogan signed a proclamation proclaiming  June 23rd Amateur Radio Emergency Service Day

We operated as a 2 transmitter (Class 2A) club station using generator power.  In addition we set up a “free” VHF station that operated on 6 meters and the Cherry Creek Young Amateur Radio Club’s satellite trailer was also in operation.  Our power multiplier was “times 2”, as all contacts were made with less than 150 watts of power.  The Rocky Mountain Ham Radio Communications Trailer, the new “tower” trailer where we were able to mount a three element triband beam and the 6 meter vertical were delivered and  set up began Saturday morning at around 8 AM.  The other new asset was our Whisperwatt 25 kW diesel generator. True to its name it was Whisper quiet and ran for almost 27 hours continuously on 14 gallons of fuel!  Operating positions were set up and the antennas were erected by members of all four sponsoring  organizations .  We operated throughout  most of the period with some operators going over night.  Visitors from the general public came through Saturday afternoon and early evening, as well as Sunday morning.  The exciting part was the visitors! We had plenty of young people that operated the GOTA station and the younger members of the Cherry Creek Young Amateur Radio Club did a fine job in getting them on the air.

Another highlight of this year’s field day was the addition of displays of portable and mobile equipment by members of Arapahoe ARES District 22.  Dubbed “porcupine row” for the many vertical antennas, it was a crowd pleaser. We were also honored to have the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Mobile Communications Command Truck available for public tours, as well as fire apparatus form the Cunningham Fire Department. Some twenty or more club members availed themselves of the pot luck.  There was organically raised barbequed pork and beef  for sandwiches and lots of delicious sides provided by the members.

The downside of the event was the oppressive heat and the continual updates from around the state on the wildfires springing up everywhere.  Sunday morning Arapahoe ARES District 22 ran its net from the trailer and it was decided that we needed to shut down early before the scorching heat that plagued us on Saturday struck again. Members of all groups were on hand as we began winding down.  Everything was taken down the Communications trailer was cleaned and vacuumed and we vacated the premises by Noon .

Special thanks to all of the RMHAM Members that delivered and deployed equipment for the event, as it was a huge success.

2012 VHF Contest near Limon, CO


Rocky Mountain Ham Radio Inc hosted its annual meeting at it’s usual site for the annual VHF contest this year. It was a most successful event! After winning 4th in the nation last year, RMHam put forth maximum effort to score the most possible points again this year, with obvious hopes of again placing in the top ten of all the contestants. The contesting part of the event centered on the Comm Trailer, as it always does, but this year more antennas and state-of-the-art equipment was put into play. Preparation, planning and on-site work was abundant, but also (and most importantly) FUN!

Along with the impressive efforts of all involved, the meeting itself was also very productive. Numerous topics were discussed by corporate officers for the benefit of all the participants. Plans and organization were presented and coordinated.

However, the best part of the event, as usual, is the wonderful camaradarie of all the participants and thesharing of an adequate amount of excellent food and beverages. There were 3 RV’s on site this year and a pickup in which Scott Burkhardt lived (as he always does). 3 couples stayed in town, but missed very little of the action (or the food!)  The gallery has pictures of the event, which tell the story of the great time had by all. Check out the gallery here



Rocky Mountain Ham Radio and several ARES districts participated in the NDMS 2012 Mountain Move exercise at DIA and many local area hospitals on May 16 2012.  Several of our members were stationed in the Communications Trailer at DIA’s Signature Flight Support Center near the main terminal at DIA.  We also had many members spread out through local area hospitals accepting transport information for ground ambulances and medivac helicopters that were being flown from DIA to these hospitals carrying mock disaster victims from a small town hit by an EF4 tornado in Western Kansas.  The ARES teams were the only point of contact from the triage area to the hospitals.

The exercise was a success for ARES integration into the operations of the Veterans Administration and local first responders.  For photos of the event, look here.

RMHAM is an ARRL Affiliated Club

  • 11/16/2019 3:30 pmRMHAMU: Working Satellites
  • 11/23/2019 4:00 pmRMHAM/CCYARC VE Testing
  • 11/27/2019Trailer to Shea Stadium for Turkey Day 5K
  • 11/28/2019Trailer Back from Turkey Day 5K Shea Stadium
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LARC Fest 4-7-2012


Rocky Mountain Ham Radio attended the LARC Fest again this year at the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont, Colorado. We featured the Communications Trailer, as usual. This year, RMHam also offered a rather large assortment of miscellaneous electronic equipment, accessories and supplies to the attendees, courtesy of a corporate donor.

RMHam was also privileged to welcome two of our Wyoming members, Dwayne Allen, WY7FD, Vice Director of ARRL’s Rocky Mountain Division, and his XYL, Katie, WY7KRA.

LARC Fest had an excellent turnout of both vendors and attendees again this year. In addition, young scientists from the St. Vrain School District presented their home-made, basket-ball playing robot. They built it entirely, and compete in contests for top honors. It’s great to see the young people perform so well with sophisticated electronics.

ARA Swapmeet 2012


The RM Ham Trailer was again featured at the Aurora Repeater Association Swapmeet on 2/12/12 at the Adams County Fairgrounds. This year, RM Ham members donated numerous items to sell as a fund-raiser for the group. This resulted in a fine addition to the RM Ham treasury, which will be used to further support amateur radio.  Our club has just received IRS 501(c)(3) charitable organization status and all of your donations are now fully tax deductible!

ARA has a banner year for both table sales and for attendance, as well as people spending money, making this one of the best hamfests that we’ve seen in the Denver area in the last 10 years!  Special thanks to Wayne Heinen and the ARA for inviting Rocky Mountain Ham to attend this fantastic event.

Photos are available in the Gallery above.

Turkey Day 5K 2011


Rocky Mountain Ham Radio was privileged to provide its Communications and Command Trailer to Douglas County ARES District 24 in support of its mission at the Turkey Day 5K race in Highlands Ranch, CO. This event is held annually to raise money for the National Guard Association. Nearly 2000 people and 20 vendors participated. D24’s Robert Wareham, N0ESQ, was Master of Ceremonies.

D24 had only a week to prepare for the mission, and Mission Coordinator Randy Reynard, W0RDR, had met the event organizers only 12 hours before the event. However, 14 D24 members endured the chilly temperatures and wind to provide communications for it.

RM Ham’s John Maxwell and Jeff Ryan placed the Trailer in position at Shea Stadium the day before Thanksgiving, and made it ready for D24’s 0630 briefing time on Thanksgiving day. D24 was in position for the race at 0800 and performed admirably with Daeron Cofer, KC0CNS, as net control.

This was Randy’s first experience using the Trailer for a mission. He commented that he hadn’t expected all the outstanding capabilities and comfort of the Trailer, but was very grateful for it. He said that, in the future, he hopes to have more time to get familiar with its capabilities before the mission. That will allow him to more effectively utilize all of the Trailer’s systems that he might need.

RMHR provides state-of-the art communications to promote and support amateur radio. Therefore, it was pleased to support D24 at the 2011 Turkey Day 5K Race. See a photo record of the event here.

Cherry Creek Public Schools ARISS Contact


ARISS Contact with Cherry Creek School District 10/30/2011

Students in the gifted and talented program, “Inside Out” from Cherry Creek School District in Centennial, Colorado participated in an Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) contact on Thursday, October 27 via telebridge station IK1SLD in Italy. On-orbit Astronaut Mike Fossum, KF5AQG fielded eleven questions in detail before losing the radio connection. The contact was integrated into the science curriculum covering topics such as radio propagation and space. A story about the school contact has been posted to NASA’s Web site:…

Special thanks to our member and our Director of Information Technology, Bob Sterner, KN0BOB was integral in making this contact happen.

Huge Clean Up!


Over 25 RM Ham members rallied on 10-15-2011 at the club storage lot to clean it up. Everyone, young and old, worked hard, ate great Bar-B-Q, enjoyed the fantastic weather, and (most of all) had fun! RM Ham’s executive staff worked hard to plan and prepare for this big project, but the members were, as usual, the key to ultimate success.

The storage lot has accommodated several groups for many years. Now that RM Ham has control over it, a lot of “stuff” had to go. We filled two large (40 yard) roll-off dumpsters! There’s still more junk. However, the trash pile is significantly reduced, making room for the projects planned in the future, and allowing for much easier management of the space.

The CleanUp Day album in the Gallery shows the action. Many thanks go to all of those who came out to help.

Special thanks go to Doug Sharp and Nancy Keyser. Thanks to Doug, RM Ham’s Chief Technical Officer, for providing his much-needed tractor and front-loader. The project could not have been completed without it. And sincere gratitude to Nancy for transporting the wonderful lunch. We especially appreciated her joining us for lunch.

RM Ham continues to grow in its dedication to supporting and promoting ham radio and to serving the public. This project demonstrates, yet again, the dedication of its members and its tremendous ability to perform its mission.

BARC Fest 2011


Rocky Mountain Ham Radio was again privileged to be invited to show its Communications Trailer at the Boulder Amateur Radio Club’s “BARCFest”. Our new and more sophisticated Trailer was a prominent feature at this year’s successful event, so attracted many of the participants and vendors. About a dozen RM Ham members greeted the participants to promote RM Ham’s support and encouragement. RM Ham was particularly pleased to announce and demonstrate the new MotoTRBO repeater that was recently installed in the Trailer, which further enhances its remote communications capabilities.  Pictures are online here.

2011 DRC Swap Meet


Rocky Mountain Ham Radio attended the Denver Radio Club Swapfest on 8/21/11 showing it’s new communications trailer off to the ham radio community.  Our volunteers greeted several hundred visitors in the trailer giving tours and explaining the functionality of the new trailer.

Our newest members, Dwayne Allen, WY7FD and wife Katie Allen, WY7KRA came down to visit the hamfest fulfilling his ARRL Division Vice Director role in supporting the local clubs.  Welcome and thanks for making the 6 hour, one-way trip from the Sundance, Wyoming area!

Denver Radio Club completely sold out all tables at this event and it was extremely well attended this year.  It’s almost time that they take over the next room.  Congratulations to the Denver Radio Club and to Brian Steinberg, KBØA for another fantastic event well executed.

Thank you from all of the Rocky Mountain Ham folks for the opportunity to show our handiwork and greet all of the local hams!

RMHAM 4th In US MultiOperator!


2011, June VHF Contest, the RMHAM Team operating under the W0KVA Callsign came in 4th in the US Multioperator category and had a great time doing it.  The text of the QST article is available here.

A big congratulations are in order for such a great showing.  This year was truly a tremendous propagation year and we’re already looking forward to 2012!

2011 Rocky Mountain Division ARRL Convention


August 5-7, 2011 Rocky Mountain Ham Radio attended the ARRL Rocky Mountain Division Convention in Taos, NM.  Nearly 650 attendees were offered many forum tracks, great banquets and W1AW/5 operated from the Rocky Mountain Ham Radio Comm Trailer.  The coordinator for the station, Chris Aas, NB5T was glad to have our assistance for a very busy W1AW/5 schedule.  Many Boy Scouts came through the trailer and got their opportunity to operate W1AW/5 under the assistance of one of our volunteers.  In this picture, Gerry Villhauer, W0GV is helping a scout work the tribander.

Many hams stopped by and checked out the W1AW/5 station as well as the Rocky Mountain Ham Communications Trailer.  We hope that by them seeing this unit, that they understand that hams can do anything if we set our minds to it.  It was noted that this trailer was a new iteration of the old communications trailer, version 2006, that was originally inspired by the Los Alamos Amateur Radio Club as it was in 2004.

Pictures are available in the gallery under “Pictures” above in the menu.

2011 ARRL Field Day


Mike (NØVBY) and Mary Ellen Davey (KØIME) chat up ham radio at the joint Aurora Repeater Association, Rocky Mountain Ham Radio, District 22 ARES and Cherry Creek Youth Amateur Radio Club field day site in Aurora, CO.  The two-day event had many visitors in the Cherry Creek Public Schools office building parking lot.

Three stations were in operation, two field day HF stations and one GOTA (Get on the Air) station were all in use.  The Rocky Mountain Ham trailer was run from Rocky Mountain Ham’s 10kW propane generator on a trailer and succeeded in providing shelter and a fantastic operating location for the event.

June 2011 VHF Contest


The WØKVA contest team in Eastern Colorado DM89, Limon, set up for the June VHF QSO Party in an attempt to outdo our 2010 score.  We were operating on 6m, 2m, 220, 432, 902, 1296 and 10368. Pictures are here.

The new stacks on 2m and 432 this year was a big help and the dual 6m antennas on separate rotors helped too.

With the 6m band being open nearly all weekend steadily, we were able to rake in some huge points on 6m. 

People that helped this year:  W0KVA Scott, W0KU Scott, K0RM Jeff, N0VBY Mike, K2AD Doug,  AB0SF George, K0IME Mary Ellen, W0VG John, N0OEM Randy, W0GV Gerry, K0PWO David and KN0BOB Bob.  The Score was

Score:   464,499
Band     QSO     PTS      GRID
50         1311      1311       261
144          69         69         19
222          10         20          5
902            3          9           1
1296          4         12           2
10G           8         32           2
Total      1445      1533       303

We more than doubled our 2010 score and without any really significant hurdles, we did well.  All gear performed well!  We’re all a bit tired and happy we attended!

Trailer Shown at Acres Green Elementary


On Tuesday May 3, Several RMHAM Members displayed the trailer for the students of Acres Green Elementary School.  We had about 100 students visit the trailer and learn about what we do.  We were operating the school’s club station KDØNIV from the trailer and letting the kids talk to the great ham radio operators on HF.

We got the chance to shake hands with many teachers and staff who were very gracious to let us do this. 

We appreciate the opportunity that we had to show off the trailer to some potential new hams!

RMHAM Participates in NDMS 2011


On April 20th. 2011, Rocky Mountain Ham Radio in conjunction with the Veterans Administration and many metro area ARES groups and first responders including Cunningham Fire, South Metro Fire, Arapahoe County IMT, the Veterans Administration and the US Military held an exercise involving  transportation of victims from an earthquake in Salt Lake City, UT to Denver to local area hospitals.

We provided communications support from the incident site to the participating hospitals as we have in years past.  We were teamed with the transportation group (Air and Ground) inside the hanger at Centennial with the Rocky Mountain Ham Communications Trailer outside.  The information flowed from the different transportation leads to the trailer and then from the trailer to the hospitals.   The hospitals were instructed to utilize their ARES personnel should they have questions or issues during the exercise.

We will utilized digital modes (winlink, packet cluster) as much as possible with voice confirmation.   The information passed included the transportation type, patient load and departure time from Centennial airport.  Hospitals will responded with transport type, arrival time and departure time if aircraft.  There were 10 military helicopters (UH-72 Lakota (single patient) and UH-60s (multiple patients)) and two civilian helicopters.   Most of these made several trips during the exercise periods

Take a look at our other photos in the photo gallery!