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Rocky Mountain Ham University Curriculum for 2018 – 2019 Class Season is listed below.
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Providing IP in challenging terrain is one of the abilities served agencies value most because IP enables so many other services such as data, audio and video. This talk explores planning, configuring and deployment of such a network using point-to-point microwave links, satellite and cell links, mesh networking, UHF data radios and similar technologies in mountainous terrain and remote locations.
This class covers the use of basic test equipment for amateur radio applications, starting with digital multimeters, SWR meters and antenna analyzers. We'll also take a look at how more advanced gear can be applied (oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, service monitors).
This class updates the Repeaters 101 class and covers topics such as how to determine of your DMR repeater is operating properly. Interfacing of repeaters with linking devices such as an RTCM or MMDVM. How to determine if your repeater is de-sensing and similar topics.
This class covers designing building and using a portable PodCom. Portable On Demand Communications or portable station.
Linking repeaters together dramatically expands communications capabilities. This talk covers linking analog repeaters using VOIP technology such as AllStarLink, digital repeaters such as DMR and P25 using native protocols and mixed technologies like MMDVM, as well as bridging between different technologies.

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