Request RMHAM Resources

Any actual ARES/RACES deployments must be ordered/approved by the Colorado Section Emergency Coordinator via your Regional Emergency Coordinator.
Please enter the name of the event that you are requesting the use of the equipment for.
Please be as detailed as possible. A site walk WILL BE REQUIRED to locate our communications trailer if it has not been placed there before.
When would you like to pick up the equipment? We will contact you to confirm locations.
This is the date you wish to have the trailer delivered to your event.
We require a time to deliver when we will not be in the way. Nearby obstacles will make it challenging to place the vehicle.
This is the date we will be picking up the trailer.
This is the date you will be returning our equipment.
Please tell us all talkgroups required for this event/exercise/
Please let us know any system specific information for the system you need to talk to.
We will need to program the repeater to talk to specific talkgroups within the RMHAM network. Please contact us first if there are any questions.
Other specialized equipment needed for the event. For a full list, see the Menu Item \"Our Offerings\" under \"Our Resources\"
Please give us all of the information you think we need to make this a successful event.

The RMHAM Trailer requires 120/240 single phase at 30-50 amps. We have adapters for many types of plugs and electrical services.  Available power will be determined upon a site visit.

Physical security of Rocky Mountain Ham Radio Assets and personnel is paramount. If this venue requires overnight parking of the trailer and/or equipment, have adequate security measures been taken to ensure that no equipment will be stolen or damaged.

Rocky Mountain Ham Radio will have one trained support personnel on site with the communications trailer at all times. This person is there to manage the operation and the safety of the trailer. If additional personnel are required, we will need to know the specific requirements. Rocky Mountain Ham Radio is not responsible for equipment damaged from improper use during your event. Contact your onsite RMHAM operations supervisor if you have ANY questions about operational gear or antennas before using it. You are responsible for knowing how to properly operate, store and transport equipment before using it. Entering this information does not guarantee availability of the trailer or resource. All resources will be provided on an as available, first-come-first serve basis. All fuel and consumables are the responsibility of the user. Rocky Mountain Ham Radio will accept reservations for resources no earlier than 6 months in advance of an event. Rocky Mountain Ham Radio shall reserve the right to preempt a reservation of resources in the event of the need for the resource for emergency deployment.
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