Turkey Day 5K 2011

11/24/2011 | Filed under: Uncategorized

Rocky Mountain Ham Radio was privileged to provide its Communications and Command Trailer to Douglas County ARES District 24 in support of its mission at the Turkey Day 5K race in Highlands Ranch, CO. This event is held annually to raise money for the National Guard Association. Nearly 2000 people and 20 vendors participated. D24’s Robert Wareham, N0ESQ, was Master of Ceremonies.

D24 had only a week to prepare for the mission, and Mission Coordinator Randy Reynard, W0RDR, had met the event organizers only 12 hours before the event. However, 14 D24 members endured the chilly temperatures and wind to provide communications for it.

RM Ham’s John Maxwell and Jeff Ryan placed the Trailer in position at Shea Stadium the day before Thanksgiving, and made it ready for D24’s 0630 briefing time on Thanksgiving day. D24 was in position for the race at 0800 and performed admirably with Daeron Cofer, KC0CNS, as net control.

This was Randy’s first experience using the Trailer for a mission. He commented that he hadn’t expected all the outstanding capabilities and comfort of the Trailer, but was very grateful for it. He said that, in the future, he hopes to have more time to get familiar with its capabilities before the mission. That will allow him to more effectively utilize all of the Trailer’s systems that he might need.

RMHR provides state-of-the art communications to promote and support amateur radio. Therefore, it was pleased to support D24 at the 2011 Turkey Day 5K Race. See a photo record of the event here.