Becoming a Ham

So, you’re interested in becoming a new ham radio operator? Even with the COVID-19 virus, there are avenues that can help you get there. If you are looking for study aids, we would like to recommend It is a free site with flash cards, learning aids and sample exams.

Beginning in March 2012, Rocky Mountain Ham Radio partnered with the Cherry Creek Young Amateur Radio Club and conducted exams at Cherry Creek School facilities using the auspices of and their associated Exam Tools testing site. With the advent of the challenges brought about by COVID-19, we are moving forward and partnering with The Patriot VE Team, which is a Laurel VEC affiliated group, that uses the sites and has years of experience conducting VE testing sessions, an experienced group of volunteer examiners and an extensive schedule of sessions in Colorado. You will find the schedule at Ham Sessions.


Other area clubs offering testing include:
Denver Radio Club – Offers testing by Appointment, details at their Website
ARES Douglas and Elbert Counties VE Team – Offers W5YI VEC Testing, details at their Website
Longmont Amateur Radio Club – Offers ARRL VEC Testing, details at their Website

A schedule of Ham Radio Classes , if available, can be viewed at the ARRL’s Web page at

A schedule of Ham Radio Examinations, including those in Colorado, can be viewed at the ARRL’s Web page at