Support RMHR-NM

Rocky Mountain Ham Radio – NM is a qualified 501(c)(3) organization and donations are always welcome.

Over the last few years, our organization has been growing exponentially. Our needs for funding to keep our current systems properly maintained and continue our planned expansion throughout the Rocky Mountain region have grown as well. Your donations are tax deductible under 501(c)(3) rules.

Three Ways for YOU to Support Rocky Mountain Ham Radio-NM

1. You can make a Cash Donation Using Pay Pal or your credit card at Pay Pal

Use the Button below to make a one time donation or you can specify a monthly contribution!


2. You can send Donations via check or money order payable to:

Rocky Mountain Ham Radio New Mexico
c/o Dave Johnson KB5YIW
1307 Lopezville Road
Socorro, NM 87801

3. You can Donate Equipment

For those who may have items that you are interested in donating in support of Rocky Mountain Ham Radio-NM, please use our Estate Donation Form to give us information about the item(s) including type of item(s), condition and location. Rocky Mountain Ham Radio-NM will respond and let you know if the item(s) are something that we can accept, based on our current needs and requirements. As with any cash donation, upon our acceptance and receipt of the item(s) you will receive an acknowledgement letter with all the pertinent information identifying your donation as tax deductible in accordance with I.R.S. regulations.