Use RMHAM DMR for an event

The RMHAM DMR asset is a COLORADO ARES/AUXCOMM STATE asset available for ARES/AUXCOMM training, with prior approval.  At least 24 hours notice would be required.  Any emergency use MUST be requested and approved with Jon Blome, NX0H, Section Emergency Coordinator or if you cannot contact him for the request, please use the contact us in the menu above to get hold of one of the trustees.  Any usage will/must be noted on the Rocky Mountain Ham Radio Calendar to ensure that we are tracking usage hours for reporting purposes.  We have the MOU with Colorado ARES and that is the master agreement covering the use of the asset so nothing is required with other districts, only approval.
If you are not an ARES affiliated organization, contact us in the menu above to request access to the system and let us know your needs and intentions.
We do ask that you keep the usage of the network to the smallest network that covers your  desired area.
The list in ascending coverage order:
Devilshead Local
Lookout Local

Rocky Mountain Wide

We appreciate your request and will definitely work to approve your requests as soon as possible.