Why Donate???

If you are looking for the answer to “WHY DONATE???” Please read on about the Rocky Mountain Ham Radio Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Network

Over the years Rocky Mountain Ham Radio and our partners have built out a network that spans much of the Rocky Mountain region, Our network is primarily connected using our own microwave links and our sites have back-up/emergency power—which means that in the event of a loss of the Internet, cell phone network and/or commercial power our sites and our network will continue to function.

What does it cost us to build a new radio site? This is what needs to go into a typical RM Ham Radio DMR Installation

Item Cost
Antenna $1,300.00
Duplexer $750.00
Coax Cable usually 200 feet $1,000.00
Shielded CAT5 $75.00
CAT5 Surge Suppressor $50.00
RF Surge Suppressor $50.00
Router $125.00
DC Ethernet Switch $275.00
AC Ethernet Switch $75.00
Power Injectors $75.00
Microwave Hop (Two ends!) $1,200.00
Repeater $3,500.00
Rack $250.00
Batteries $800.00
Charger $500.00
CAT5 Jumpers $25.00
Grand Total $10,050.00

Take a look at the Rocky Mountain Ham Radio Network (DMR Site Info). Of the 37 repeaters listed 30 are repeaters directly supported by Rocky Mountain Ham Radio and its members. Seven are supported by our partners. With the average cost of about $10,000 per site that means that the network initial outlay is around $370,000.

Repeater sites and installations are like cars or houses, they require regular maintenance and unfortunately repairs. Mountain tops are great for coverage but the occasional lightning strikes require trips to the sites and costly repairs. If we fry a microwave link it’s a few hundred bucks to replace. The initial investment has been made but the upkeep is ongoing and an absolute must to keep the system functioning and serving you, the user!

Back when this all started the members of Rocky Mountain Ham Radio paid for the stuff and for the upkeep, there were three sites! Now with 32 sites the costs of upkeep and the pending system expansion is beyond the scope of what the dedicated members can contribute.

Rocky Mountain Ham Radio has many other assets that we use to support Emergency Communications and Public Service events, but to most amateurs the Rocky Mountain Ham Radio DMR Network is the important service that you are interested in using. We would appreciate your financial support to help us maintain and expand this valuable resource.

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