How to Join

How to Join Rocky Mountain Ham Radio:

Well, this is a question that we’re asked almost every week. So as to explain, we are an organization and not a dues paying membership club. We need your time and expertise! We request that you support us by assisting us with at least 3 events before you are considered for membership in the Rocky Mountain Ham Radio organization, then you will need to continue to support RMHAM at their events throughout the year. We request that you continue to support Rocky Mountain Ham Radio for at least two events every year to remain a member in good standing. (All direct support requirements were suspended during 2020-2021 due to the pandemic!  Our events start in 2022 again, so our requirements will too.)

We have MANY events that we do during the year. Pay attention to our calendar and let us know when you’re planning on coming out to our events. There are many different types of events you can assist with from hamfests, to trainings, to emergency events, to public service events as well as assistance to construct our radio sites and expand our network. The most important part of supporting Rocky Mountain Ham Radio is that we need all skills and we can teach you the things that you need to know. The second most important part of supporting Rocky Mountain Ham Radio is any financial support that you can provide. You can read more about how you can contribute to our efforts here.

We have contests, exercises, repeater and equipment repair sessions, and many events and sessions with our communications trailer…there are more than enough events to fit your membership requirement and keep you coming back!

We need people with all talents, technical and non-technical, so don’t be afraid that you cannot contribute!

Keep an eye on our events calendar and show up to participate. If you have interest, let one of the officers know and we’ll get you on the members mailing list.

Who We Are and What We Do

Rocky Mountain Ham Radio is a member supported organization that is not a typical ham radio club.  We operate 3 analog radio systems as well as the Rocky Mountain DMR network from Wyoming, South through Colorado, and along I-70 from border to border as well as three sites in New Mexico.  We also work closely with other local clubs and organizations that need assistance in deploying radio systems such as the Aurora Repeater Association, Estes Valley Amateur Radio Club, Northern Colorado Amateur Radio Club, Cherry Creek Young Amateur Radio Club, Colorado Connection, Colorado Repeater Association, Denver Radio League, the Fun Machine and other groups that are in need of assistance.  We strive to create quality radio systems and work to further the causes of amateur radio and protect the interests of the amateur radio community by being an active member of the Colorado Council of Amateur Radio Clubs or CCARC.