DMR Network

Rocky Mountain Ham Radio has built a Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) network that covers a significant part of Colorado.  In addition, there are repeaters covering large parts of New Mexico and Wyoming.

This network provides two channels of simultaneous communications in the areas that it covers.  With the technology having two channels or “timeslots” we can carry specific linked traffic on those timeslots.

In our network, most repeaters follow the “Timeslot 1 – Rocky Mountain Wide (Talkgroup 700)” and “Timeslot 2 – Regional Network (719, 720, 721, 505)” based on the area that you are in.  This allows you to take your coverage down to a smaller area and not light up all 30 repeaters at one time.

The network routes calls from repeater to repeater based on regional networks only.  If you are on a “Central/720” repeater it will not carry 719, 721 or 505 and vice versa.  If you talk on the talkgroups not carried on your regional network, it will not go anywhere and you’ll be very frustrated that you cannot talk to anyone.

Our sample codeplugs allow you to shortcut the learning curve a bit by properly assigning talkgroups based on the regional networks.  Make sure you use these!

Rocky Mountain Ham Radio hold the DMR Tech net on Rocky Mountain Wide (Talkgroup 700) on the first Saturday of each month at 7:00 PM Local time. There is a “State of the Net” report, as well as other timely information concerning the Rocky Mountain Ham Radio passed on this Net. A Google Group has been established to remind those interested when the net is going to occur. If you’d like to subscribe to the Google Group, please send a message to the group owner(s). You MUST INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS in the body of the message! CLICK HERE. This link may also be used to send private messages to the list owner(s).