Field Day 2019 News

June 29, 2019

I thought you and your club might like to see and hear what your field day station sounded like here in Columbia, MO last Saturday. My son brought his family to see our operation. We had several stations and an information table set up for visitors. I showed them around and when we got to our GOTA station, the operator, Alex asked grandson, David if he wanted to make a contact. He shyly stepped up and was given a plasticized script of what to say. I’ve attached a link to a video my son took of David’s first Ham Radio contact. When it was over, he began to step away and Alex said, “Where are you going? I need some help.” David sat down and helped make seven more contacts. He was thrilled.

At the same time we had several local media crews doing interviews and filming. A student reporter from the Mizzou (Univ of MO) Journalism school did a story about our event, which was printed in their Missourian newspaper yesterday. I attached a link to that, also.
Over the years I have shown David various things about radio and basic electricity. He gets it, but has been a big X-Box enthusiast. He is eleven years old, now. I was 12 when I got interested in this and it developed into a career. I’m hoping this experience might raise his curiosity about our wonderful hobby.
Myron Kern, W0ZH
Vice President, Central Missouri Radio Association (K0SI)
Columbia, MO

Field Day 2019 A Great Success

June 28, 2019

Field Day Video by Lou Vencl

The 2019 Field Day was a blast.  We woke up Saturday morning to 1/2″ of snow all over everything.  The folks that were camping in tents were a bit chilly, but it was a great event.   We had 3 stations on for the whole event and made plenty of contacts.

The food was good as usual and the camaraderie was wonderful.  Lots of people to work.

Make sure you click on the picture to see the field day video.

If you want to have a good time for field day, make sure you let us know and get on the list!

Dirty 30 a Rousing Success!

June 4, 2019

Rocky Mountain Ham, Colorado AuxComm, and Several ARES members provided communications and health and welfare tracking for nearly 500 runners at the annual Dirty 30 Trail Race in Golden Gate Canyon. We had twenty eight hams there to support the event and ensure that the runners made it to their destination safely. The course uses 30 miles of the 35 miles of trail in the Golden Gate Canyon State Park of which most of it is not covered with cellular service!

The RMHAM Tech Team of Willem Schreuder, AC0KQ, Ben Matthews, KC2VJW, Tracy Helmhold, KI0HC, John Maxwell, W0VG, Chris Hamilton, AE5IT, Chris DePuy, WB0ITX, Jon Blome, KF0JB and several other hams built a large microwave network for providing reliable IP communications for all of the aid stations in the park.

Without this support, it would be significantly more difficult to handle the mass influx of runners through the aid stations and keep track of them. At one point in the course, the aid station had 210 runners through in an 5 minute period! That would have been quite challenging to get that recorded manually!

It was a challenging and rewarding weekend and a fantastic learning experience! Kudos to all.

HamCon Colorado 2020 Postponed

HamCon Colorado 2020 is postponed until 2021.  For more information, please visit HamCon Colorado’s Website.

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July 16, 2020
  • Red Cross Net

    July 16, 2020  7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
    Rocky Mountain Wide

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July 23, 2020
  • Central States VHF Society Madison Wisconsin

    July 23, 2020 - July 25, 2020  

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July 24, 2020
  • Central States VHF Society Madison Wisconsin

    July 23, 2020 - July 25, 2020  

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July 25, 2020
  • Central States VHF Society Madison Wisconsin

    July 23, 2020 - July 25, 2020  

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August 1, 2020
  • DMR Tech Net

    August 1, 2020  7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
    Rocky Mountain Wide

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August 7, 2020
  • 2020 ARRLHamcon Colorado 2020 - Rocky Mountain Division Convention

    August 7, 2020 - August 9, 2020  
    CU Denver South - 10035 S Peoria St - Parker, CO 80134

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August 8, 2020
  • 2020 ARRLHamcon Colorado 2020 - Rocky Mountain Division Convention

    August 7, 2020 - August 9, 2020  
    CU Denver South - 10035 S Peoria St - Parker, CO 80134

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August 9, 2020
  • 2020 ARRLHamcon Colorado 2020 - Rocky Mountain Division Convention

    August 7, 2020 - August 9, 2020  
    CU Denver South - 10035 S Peoria St - Parker, CO 80134

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RMHam U: PodCom with Video!

March 19, 2019

Rocky Mountain Ham University was in session on March 16th with David Dean, KØPWO presenting portable/deployable emergency equipment (VHF/UHF/HF). About 30 area hams enjoyed a practical, interactive class.

If you’d like to watch the class, it’s here

Problems with New Baofeng DM-5R, TYT MD-398 and Radioddity GD-55 Models

November 25, 2016

During 2016 we have noted some new and good DMR radios, and unfortunately we have also seen some radios which cause concern. The radios in question are the Baofeng DM-5R, TYT MD-398 and the Radioddity GD-55.

At this time Rocky Mountain Ham Radio is requesting that amateur operators refrain from using the Baofeng DM-5R, TYT MD-398, the Radioddity GD-55 radios on the RMHAM or DMR-MARC Repeater Systems. This request also includes clones of the above radios such as Pofung, Retevis, Chierda, VITAI, Juentai, SAMCOM, Zastone, HYDX, etc.

Early tests show serious problems with these radios which will jam other users and severely degrade the repeater system. Further tests are planned and we will keep our members and users informed of the results on the web site. This request does NOT pertain to the new firmware release of the TYT MD-380 and MD-390 and the use of these radios remains acceptable. We do strongly recommend updating to the most recent firmware for these units. In addition you can find a list of radios known to properly interoperate with our system here DMR Radios, as well as sample code plug to program your radios Code Plug Samples.

In a nutshell here is what is being observed with these radios. When these radios transmit on Time Slot 1, Rocky Mountain Wide on most of the RMHam repeaters, they will actually transmit for a significant amount of time within Time Slot 2, which on the RMHam system are usually North, South or Denver. The net result? These radios are, in effect, jamming Time Slot 2 or at the very least causing harmful interference to any potential user in Time Slot 2. The user of the Baofeng DM-5R, TYT MD-398, Radioddity GD-55 radios or their clones will be able to use Time Slot 1 and will have no idea they are producing harmful interference to other users.

If you already own one of these radios all is not lost. You do have some options. These radios appear to function normally in FM Analog and DMR Simplex modes. If you purchased your radio from Radioddity or their Amazon affiliate they are honoring the 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. The manufacturers and importers are not currently considering this a product flaw. The radios and upgraded firmware are advertised as Time Slot 1 only. They are not currently addressing the jamming issue. For the details concerning the protocols and more technical details See Technical Information

RMHAM Supports DRC Swapfest

August 17, 2015
Rocky Mountain Ham came out in force to support the 2015 Denver Radio Club Swapfest with our trailer. We had 26 people turn out to support, shake hands and greet attendees. The RMHAM board took this opportunity to hold it’s annual meeting and take care of club business. Rocky Mountain Ham is in great shape as a club and we have lots of projects to complete before the end of the year. We appreciate everyone that came out to support us and visit with us during the swapfest.

Did you ever wonder?

May 22, 2015

If you ever wondered what it looked like at our mountain tops, you’ll love this pic. We build for the worst possible winter days. This was springtime in the Rockies at its best!

We use heavy materials, commercial quality antennas and good care when installing. Things still get damaged, but it’s a chance to try to outfox mother nature!

RMHAM-U Standing Room Only!

February 28, 2015

Rocky Mountain Ham’s Mike Lozano and Jeff Ryan put on a successful MotoTRBO systems class today for basic MotoTRBO systems and the RMHAM network. We had 53 attendees learning the intricacies and the ins-and-outs of the network and how to properly program and use your DMR capable handhelds.

Don’t forget to get your seat at the scheduled Rocky Mountain Ham Radio University classes! Please make sure that you are on the list! We’ll see you there.

New Mexico TechFest

January 5, 2015

Despite 6-12 inches of unexpected snow and ice around Albuquerque and much of the Land of Enchantment the night before, the 2015 New Mexico TechFest, an ARRL-sanctioned operating specialty event hosted by Rocky Mountain Ham Radio – New Mexico, was a huge success. 60 hams from across New Mexico gathered on Saturday, February 28 for this inaugural (and annual, henceforth) technically-focused conference designed to facilitate education, demonstrations, and collaboration about relevant and emerging technical topics, techniques, and applications within amateur radio. Presentation topics included extreme low power HF communications via QRSS, circuit construction techniques, solar weather and propagation, ESD causes and mitigation techniques, simple but effective VHF gain antenna design, and software defined radio. For more information, visit the New Mexico Tech Fest page at the menu above.

The Swapfest a successful and fun event!

January 5, 2015
The Swapfest sponsored by the Aurora Repeater Association, Cherry Creek Young Amateur Radio Club and Rocky Mountain Ham Radio was held February 8th with over 500 people in attendance. There were over 60 vendors in attendance and all the vendor tables were sold out by the opening time of 9AM. The weather was very good and allowed hams from as far as Wyoming, Nebraska and South Dakota to attend without fear of poor driving conditions. The sponsoring clubs want to thanks all their members for their hard work and we also wish to thank the vendors and all those who attended for their support!
The 2016 Swapfest will be on Superbowl Sunday February 7, 2016 and the hall deposit has been rolled over and we’re on their calendar. For those who weren’t around for the last Superbowl swapfest, it was well attended and everyone who came to the Swapfest that year made it home in plenty of time for the game.

KE0CRD, Colton Ragsdale

January 3, 2015
Saturday, RMHAM tested one of it’s member’s, Zeke Ragsdale’s son. Colton Ragsdale, 5 years old, passed the test missing only three questions! He had the test read to him by RMHAM Members, Dean Mertz, K0MKT, Ken Zylla, KD0MGQ and George Bartling, WA9TCD. Congratulations, Colton!

RMHAM and ARA Extend the CO-OP

December 30, 2014
In an expansion of the cooperative agreement between the Rocky Mountain Ham Radio and the Aurora Repeater Association, the 447.500 repeater, which lost it’s Conifer Mountain site back in August, is now located at Critchell, in place of the 447.225 analog pair. At 8,400 feet it is not quite as high as the old Conifer Mountain site but it does enjoy coverage of the southern portion of the metro area. The repeater was placed on Critchell Monday December 29 by Steve KØIBM and Scott NØOWY. There was a flurry of activity as people who had been regular users of the 447.500 machine found it lighting up their rigs in the scan mode. As we go forward, we’ll learn more about the coverage that the machine will enjoy using the ARA’s configuration. Rocky Mountain Ham Radio has relinquished their 447.225 pair back to the Colorado Council of Amateur Radio Club’s frequency pool at this time and is preparing to re-purpose the equipment that was at the site. The parameters of the 447.500 (-) repeater remain the same with a 88.5 Hz CTCSS tone.

RMHAM University Allstar Linking

December 13, 2014
Those who signed up for the AllStar Linking class got both an introductory and in-depth look at the All Star repeater linking technology including the required hardware and software. The “students” where treated to lively anecdotes and a dose of real word applications of this versatile system. RM Ham University classes cover a variety of subjects click on the RM Ham University tab and see what’s available!

RMHAM and ARA form CO-OP

December 8, 2014
Rocky Mountain Ham Radio Inc. and the Aurora Repeater Association have signed a Cooperative agreement that will allow the Boards of Directors of both groups to interact and work together to better use both groups resources in a cooperative effort to further technological advances in Colorado. The first project for the Cooperative will be to split the responsibility for the “Multimode” Narrow Band FM/TRBO VHF repeater that nominally operates with an output frequency of 145.175MHz. The Cooperative agreement between the two organizations will be the cornerstone for more increased resource sharing and project planning for the betterment of amateur radio in Colorado and a sign of things to come!

RMHAM Starts TRBO On-Air Net

November 7, 2014

If you’re new to MotoTRBO or just wanting to learn more about how it all works, you’ll be sure to mark your calendar for the First and Third Saturday of every month. Come to Colorado Wide and participate in the new MotoTRBO tech net.

We’ll have system designers and tech geeks there to answer your questions and help you to understand how to get the most out of your DMR radio. The net will be held on December 6th at 7PM on Colorado Wide, Talkgroup 700.

More inforation click on MotoTRBO above and then MotoTRBO Tech Net On Air.

See you there,

Mike Lozano, K0NGA