Our Offerings

So you want to know what Rocky Mountain Ham Radio offers?  We are definitely not your traditional amateur radio club.  We offer our services to other ham radio clubs and ARES groups to help them be successful in their missions.  From technical knowledge to potential ham training and licensing, mentoring and technical learning classes in “RMHam University” as well as equipment and design.  Oh don’t get me wrong, we still have many activities to foster camaraderie, but that’s just a chance to unwind.  Our team meets at the our organization events listed on the calendar above and you’re welcome to attend.  Make yourself known to a purple shirt member when you get there!

In addition to our fixed repeater assets and microwave network, Rocky Mountain Ham Radio has many assets at their disposal which can be utilized on a first come-first served basis.  Some equipment is quite expensive and any damage will be expected to be repaired, training will be required for some equipment.

Deployable hardware:

  • APRS Trackers for various needs, high power and small units are available
  • 3 Deployable “PODCOMM” Portable On Demand COMMunications systems in a box, HF, VHF, UHF, Digital Modes
  • 2 Emergency Restoral Vans “QRV” with air mast and generators, satellite uplink systems, HF, VHF, UHF, Internet, Point to Point Data Systems and linking capability, VoIP telephone systems with cache phones

Emergency Deployable Systems:

  • 25W VHF/UHF/IRLP transportable repeater stack in shipping case WITH duplexers 449.075/449.100 and 146.835/146.865 switchable frequency. Requires only 2 antennas (and internet for IRLP use)
  • 25W UHF portable DMR repeaters with Duplexers and IP Capability.
  • 10W Motorola R1225 Suitcase UHF Repeater with duplexer with 50W link radio 449.075/449.100 141.3pl and antenna systems
  • Link in a suitcase with 50W link radio to match to the above suitcase repeater and provide a long-distance ALLSTAR link or emergency restoral unit
  • 25W Motorola GR800 Desktop Repeater with duplexer 447.225 107.2pl and antenna systems – Can be re-tuned for any UHF frequency from 403-470 including our licensed commercial repeater channels for emergency restoral.
  • 24 Commercial UHF Motorola DMR Handhelds (can be used in FM too) with chargers and extra batteries plus commercial repeater services if needed.  These are fully licensed for commercial use in any situation, by any licensed or unlicensed personnel.
  • 20 Commercial UHF 16 channel analog handhelds with gang chargers
  • 25kW MQ Whisperwatt Ultra Silent generator on a trailer with 96 hours of continuous runtime.
  • 4 – 50A portable power distribution panels or “turtles” and 6 – 50′ #4 extension cords for emergency distribution and restoral.
  • 8kW propane Generator with power distribution on a trailer with 2 – 100lb propane tanks.

Accessories and Parts

Rocky Mountain Ham Radio stocks replacement antennas, feed lines and equipment to repair and deploy systems in many different configurations on short notice.  If a disaster happens, we can design and implement a system based on your needs with a phone call.

Communications Command Post in a Trailer:

  • 26 Foot Haulmark Trailer with two separate entrances and separate work spaces.
  • Satellite internet , Terrestrial 4G Internet (Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T) and PSTN telephones, four independent station locations, broadcast TV and satellite TV, fixed wireless hotspot capability as well as remotely deployable, wired VoIP telephones, HF, VHF, UHF, DMR, Packet, Pactor 1/2/3, FM & SSB, full battery backup,  Honda EU7000is quiet, long running generator on board.

This tool is one of the most amazing platforms that you’ve ever seen in commercial or amateur service!  If you have any interest in viewing or booking this unit, please contact us and we’ll schedule a chance for you to see it or demo it at your event.  ARES emergency requests should contact the next in their chain of command to request deployment.  It is ordered through the Colorado Section Emergency Coordinator, Robert Wareham or his deputies.

Support for Rocky Mountain Ham Radio

As with any other endeavor Rocky Mountain Ham Radio is supported by the community that we help serve.  Rocky Mountain Ham Radio is an IRS 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization. Any donations that you may care to make are fully tax deductible. We continue to expand and operate with your generous donations, to learn more on donating click here.