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Bikes and Brews Ride Canon City

Saturday September 20, 2014 Rocky Mountain Ham Radio assisted Colorado ARES Region 5 District 1 in supporting the Bikes & Brews event in Canon City. Colorado ARES R5D1 was managing communications and logistics for the event from the RMHAM Trailer in downtown Canon City. The Event had nearly 300 bicycle riders in attendance. It lasted from 8AM through 4PM and kept many RMHAM folks and Region 5 District 1 folks hopping on the K0JSC Fun Machines in Fremont county.

Many Visiting dignitaries were shown through the RMHAM Communications Trailer and given the nickel tour. Jack and Jocelyn McComb were sharing the net control duties for the event.

We appreciate everyone giving their weekend for the hobby and look forward to working with you on another event in the future!


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