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Leadville and Vail Repaired!

As of 8/14/21, a large contingent of folks went to Mosquito to completely rebuild the battery plant, solar plant, charge controllers, and make the microwave link much more robust.  It’s now able to fully recharge the battery plant in less than 2 hours from overnight use.  It was also designed with 10 days of battery in the event of a large solar deficit.

As of 8/8/21, Mark Skelton, N7CTM has made the valiant trek to Mosquito Pass/Leadville and found that our equipment took a lightning hit.  It blew up the surge suppressors and also took out or microwave radios.  We’re back up on a new Microwave shooting at Badger Mountain, but we’re going to have to wait til next weekend 8/14 to put the full link system back on-line going west.  Right now, we’re failed to the commercial internet going west and it’s working fine.

As of 8/7/21, W0VG, K2AD, N7CTM, N0RPF and K0BRA repaired a “Rodent Induced Failure” that caused both cat5 cables and fiber optics jumpers to become “air-gapped” which caused the site to go offline.  The site is partially repaired as the fiber must be completely replaced and encased in conduit to stop further damage.  This happened on 8/11/21 and Vail was restored to normal with the exception of the microwave still out at Mosquito.  This will happen later.

As of 8/6/21 we have lost a microwave feeding to the west and it has isolated Leadville and Vail.  We a team scheduled to repair Vail tomorrow morning and we have someone scheduled to be on-site on Sunday in Leadville to check on the situation.  We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have it restored soon!


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