Brandmeister-DMR Linking

In partnership with the WE0FUN repeater system, RMHAM now bridges several of their TalkGroups to Brandmeister(BM).

RMHAM to Brandmeister mapping:

Name RMHAM TalkGroup BM TalkGroup
South 719 310816
Central 720 310801
North 721 310813

The above BM talkgroups are all accessible from any Brandmeister master server and are directly PTTable from the Cheyenne Mountain and Lee Hill DMR repeater on TimeSlot 2.

Hotspot and MMDVM repeater users can also directly connect.  If you have an updated server list in a controller such as Pi-Star there will be two master servers available to connect from within the menu system.   Following find the master server information.

This master is for simplex (DMO) hotspots.  All TalkGroups for this master are PTT TalkGroups with a 15 minute timeout.  These TGs are listed on the WE0FUN/N0SZ DMR status page.

This master is for FULL Duplex hotspots and repeaters.  TS:1 statically carries TalkGroup 310815 (WE0FUN system) and TS:2 carries all other TGs listed on the WE0FUN/N0SZ DMR status page as PTT TGs.