RM Ham Repeater Upgrades
Our network has now been up and operational since October 2007! Nothing keeps functioning without proper maintenance and scheduled replacements.
The Breckenridge repeater is one of the oldest we have in the network. It is an old Motorola XPR8300 model. This repeater does work, but is not as reliable as the latest SLR5700 or MTR3000 repeaters. As technology has advanced it is time for RMHam to advance with it and upgrade the repeater and ancillary equipment in Breckenridge. Our Mosquito and Vail repeaters are the same XPR8300 model; these and their supporting equipment should be upgraded as well. We need to upgrade for two reasons: The XPR8300 repeaters do not support remote programming and reduced transmit power below 20 watts. Breckenridge and Mosquito are “solar-only” sites with limited access during the winter. Vail is also remote and having a newer repeater will reduce our service trips.
With the outbreak of COVID and the lack of hamfests, RMHAM’s fund raising capacity has been greatly reduced with the very real probability that “The Swapfest” may not be occurring in February 2021. Other local hamfests have either cancelled or been postponed which means we are unable to take advantage of selling donated equipment at these events.
RMHAM has received an offer from our Director of Technology Doug Sharp, the owner of Triple C Communications, to match donations dollar for dollar (1:1) up to $3300 to assist with the upgrading of these sites. This matching offer from Triple C Communications is valid through September 30, 2020! We are aiming to ultimately raise $8000 through this drive to update these sites.
This is an opportunity for all Rocky Mountain Ham Radio DMR System users, 4×4 groups, ARES groups, and others that use our DMR System on a regular basis to help Rocky Mountain Ham Radio. We know that many hams may not wish to donate to ham groups since they usually do not know where their money is going. In this case, you will know exactly where it is going! Specifically the Breckenridge site, then Mosquito, and then Vail. The XPR8300 repeaters and ancillary equipment that we are replacing will be re-furbished and used elsewhere in our network. Perhaps the QRV2 and QRV3 vans, or other sites that have good year round access where we can provide the necessary care and feeding to extend their lives.
This fund raising drive was presented to the Rocky Mountain Ham Radio Board of Directors, they, in turn, approved it and so far our members have pledged $2690.00 to kick off the drive… Please consider using the dedicated Pay Pal button below to make your Tax Deductible donation to the RM Ham Repeater Upgrades Fund!


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