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New Mexico microwave network extended between Taos and San Antonio Mtn

On Sunday, August 23 members of Rocky Mountain Ham Radio (RMHAM) and Taos Amateur Radio Club (TARC) extended RMHAM’s 5-GHz microwave network with the addition of a link between Picuris peak near Taos and San Antonio mountain.  RMHAM’s microwave network utilizes point-to-point links exclusively on Part 97 spectrum, providing multi-megabit class IP connectivity to mountaintop sites throughout Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming.

In addition to the microwave installation between Picuris and San Antonio mountain, the Taos Amateur Club (TARC) installed a UHF DMR repeater on Picuris.  An Icom G3 UHF D-STAR repeater, donated by RMHAM to TARC, was also installed atop San Antonio mountain. Both repeater systems are tied into the microwave network and accessible to/from the rest of the world for all hams to use.

The Picuris peak DMR repeater is configured as follows:

Picuris Pk. KF5PFO

442.175 MHz (+5 MHz)

Color code 5

Talk Group Time Slot TX Talk group RX Group
Rocky Mountain Wide 1 700 700
Rocky Mountain South 2 719 719, 505,715
New Mexico 2 505 719, 505,715
Local 2 715 719, 505,715


The San Antonio mountain D-STAR repeater is configured as follows:

  • 442.075 MHz (+5.00 MHz)
  • RPT1: KF5PFO B
  • RPT2: KF5PFO G

Rocky Mountain Ham Radio and the Taos Amateur Radio Club are 501(c)(3) registered non-profit charitable organizations.  If you would like to learn more about these organizations or support their missions, please contact RMHAM-NM president Brian Mileshosky N5ZGT or Taos ARC president Michael Kittredge NM5MK.

Rocky Mountain Ham Radio website: https://www.rmham.org
Taos Amateur Radio Club website:  https://www.taosarc.org


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