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Keep up with your Anytone firmware

In the past few months, RMHAM has observed various transmission issues with the various models of Anytone radios. The most recent observation involved an Anytone user who, upon keying-up to respond to a call on an RMHAM repeater, transmitted to the original caller’s private Radio ID instead of the Talk Group of the channel he had selected. A thorough examination of the user’s codeplug found no settings or issues that would explain the problem. While the user was on a recent version of the firmware for his radio, he was not on the latest firmware. After updating to the latest firmware, performing the usual MCU reset after the firmware update, and re-loading the same codeplug he had been using, the issue seems to have disappeared.

If you have an Anytone radio, please ensure you are on the latest firmware. Also, please note that not every retailer keeps up to date on what firmware is available. It’s a good idea to check multiple sites (Connect Systems, Powerwerx, and Bridgecom are my go-tos) to ensure you are aware of the latest available firmware. Also, please do not skip the MCU reset that is indicated in the instructions of the firmware update process.

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